Our vision

Study association Lucid acts as a stable platform which provides an easily accessible community for each ID student and staff within a changing ID landscape. Lucid supports and challenges the members in education, career and leisure related to ID and student life.


Lucid does this by focussing on involving its members and on development. As a member of the association you have the opportunity to join a flourishing community full of inspiring people. Within this community the students facilitate development for each other by organizing activities and providing relevant facilities. You can think, for example, about study trips, workshops and network events which get fully organized by and for students. These activities can be divided into exploring, connecting, challenging and supporting activities. These four types help the students to find out what they like by going to lunch lectures for example, next they can connect with the companies they like by events such as ID Connect, after that they get challenged by organizing events or joining a design case and last, the association supports them throughout this whole process of personal and professional development. That is what Lucid makes Lucid, it’s members.